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Data collection and evaluation are crucial elements of the CCP and serve a number of purposes. Program evaluation refers to systematic efforts to collect, analyze, and interpret information about the delivery of services. Program evaluation typically relies on easily measurable indicators that can be tracked over time, such as the number of crisis counseling encounters or participant satisfaction. Program achievements are documented through program evaluation. A useful management tool, evaluation helps program administrators to determine if a CCP is proceeding according to plan so they can make midcourse corrections when needed. Ultimately, evaluation is not about collecting data but about using data to draw conclusions. Program managers should regularly share evaluation results in staff meetings, quarterly updates, or via visual aids such as charts and graphs. This feedback can then facilitate discussion with program staff on means to improve services.

This Online Data Collection and Evaluation System allows for CCP data to be entered and maintained and provides for multiple levels of user access. CCP data can be viewed in real time by program staff, State personnel, and Federal Project Officers. Required and ad hoc reports can be generated in a variety of formats. Users are able to analyze, track, and report on the various activities occurring in a CCP.

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